About C2C

Who are we?

  • We are design and manufacturing applications experts
  • We are engineers highly qualified and greatly experienced on:
    • CAD, CAM, CAE applications setups
    • design applications optimisation
    • design and manufacturing applications training
    • configuration and programming or customised development on the main CAD applications

What do we intend?

  • To be promoters of the innovation and the change in companies with which we collaborate
  • To promote Open Source software and the use and development of free and non-owned applications in order to submit these tools to limited-resources people and companies
  • To make easier the access to high-quality technical training and information linked to design and manufacturing applications
  • To give advice to our clients on continuous optimisation of design and manufacturing processes

What do we carry out?

  • High-quality specific training both on  main design and manufacturing tools in the market and free and Open Source options  available
  • We customise and adapt design applications to our clients’ real needs
  • Specific programming on design applications: automation, model parametrization, etc.
  • Integration of design applications with ERP, PDM and PLM systems
  • Consultancy on design and manufacturing processes, analising them not as isolated elements but rather holistically, as part of a whole made up by the rest of departments of the company with which we collaborate
  • We work both on-site and online, promoting the use of new technologies so as to support closeness and contact with our clients
  • We understand our professional work as a value-added service rather than a stardard product supply

What do we stand out for?

  • We define specific, measurable, reachable, relevant and easy-to-evaluate goals
  • We try to measure the results we get with our improvement proposals so we can evaluate their performance by means of KPIs
  • We try to optimise available resources by defining and carrying out improvement keypoint organised by the results expected
  • We have a well organised and detailed work methodology and greatly-structured processes available. They are all based on several work methodologies, among others the recommendations related to project management from the PMI – Project Management Institute
  • We encourage our clients to consider us more as collaborators looking for a common goal than usual suppliers